Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Curls With Heavy Weights

If you find a weight too heavy, simply pull back. Prescribed weights are those that should handle most people with 5 or more years of training behind them. They are not easy, but it is achievable. And if you are in doubt, stop them. You have to expect more from themselves.

The top of the body 100
Front raises with wheel. This is done with the full range of motion, ie, to get the blade above his head. The range of motion can take upper back and shoulders. Weight = 10 pound plate.
Curls with a major axis = 20 pounds.
Kirk Kawasaki Rows (rowing). Weights = 60 pounds. Shredders are not allowed.check the PDF version Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Scam

The bottom of the body 100
Squat on one leg. Also known as the Bulgarian squat. This is done with one leg in front and the other on the bench. Weight = body weight only. Do all reps with one leg and is. It will be a total of 100 reps - or 50 feet each.
Buried. Makes it 5-9 with a two-pound weights on his ankles. Lie on the floor or bench. Do this with both feet at the same time.

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