Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Back In Shape For The Ladies

Back in shape after giving birth ... and not just for him :-) (II)
So we dismantled the various supplements and now therefore to a specific daily schedule. For greater versatility consider two different splits and secondly, the two-phase, which is described in the last part of the single-phase and which is suitable for time busier people.
A two-stage split:  Click Here To
Morning     Evening
After     30-45 minutes of cardio     chest, triceps
To     30-45 minutes of cardio     legs, calves, abdomen
St     off     off
The     30-45 minutes of cardio     biceps, shoulders, back
Fr     30-45 minutes of cardio     legs, calves, abdomen
With     off     off
No     off     off
Morning training would be the ideal fasting, respectively. only after supplementation with a little water. This "cardio" here mean either a stationary bicycle, bike or run normal and he is but clearly the most difficult run, but again in the morning is quite challenging and if it were an empty stomach, one might be handled really carefully. Therefore, probably better to stick with the proven stationary bike with a little more intensity. Training evening should follow 2.5-3 hours after the last meal and 30 minutes after supplementation with carnation, etc. As I wrote last time, adding an evening workout a little while stationary bike certainly does not hurt.

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